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emi kamataki sumi-e

Emi Kamataki (Kinran)

Born in Saitama, Japan

Lives & works in Melbourne, Australia

She learnt painting as a young child and calligraphy till 15 years of age. 

In 2005, she came across Sumi-E in Melbourne and since then went into this art form under her master, Kinsui Katori in Tokyo. She became Certified Advanced Lecturer of International Sumi-E Association in 2010.

Emi’s background in ikebana and tea ceremony has increased her understanding of Japanese art and the beauty of it. She loves the simple yet deep art of brush and ink on paper, or sometimes on silk. Emi is also exploring other possibilities within sumi-e and ways to develop her new style by absorbing other techniques from western art like drawing and watercolour.

She currently runs adult group classes, teaches at schools as an artist in residence, and gives lectures and demonstrations at events and for companies. She also works on commissions and her art works are housed in USA, Singapore, Germany, Japan and Australia.


2009 - Art Work Pictorial issue 10 (China) 

2009 - Nichigo Press (Australia)

since 2007 - Japanese Art Yearbook (Japan)

2010, 2011, 2021 - The Shin Bijutsu Shinbun (Japan)

2014 - International Sumi-E Public Exhibition poster


International Sumi-E Public Exhibition

2008 - Incentive Award

2010 - Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co. Award

2013 - Grand Award

2018 - Advisor's Award

2019 - Semi-grand Award

2021 - Art News of China Company Award


2008 - Hana exhibition (Melbourne, Australia)

2009 - Japanese Sumi-E exhibition

                                          (Hangzhou, China)

2011 - Encre et papier:deversites asiatiques                                                      (Paris, France)

2013 - Jaapani traditsiooniline tusimaal Sumi-E                                                (Tallinn, Estonia)

2015 - Group exhibition @ Bright Space

                                      (Melbourne, Australia)

2016 - mywa (Melbourne, Australia)

-Spring into Art (Melbourne, Australia)

2017 - Japanese Pop Art Show

                                      (Melbourne, Australia)

- Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition (Singapore)

- Sumi-e Aguada Tradicional Japonesa

                                               (Santiago, Chile)

- Stillness & Life (Melbourne, Australia)

2018 - Solo exhibition "Diversity"

                                             (Cairns, Australia)

- Group exhibition @ Ryazanoff gallery

                                      (Melbourne, Australia)

- Art Japan 2018 (Melbourne, Australia)

- GACL exhibition (Melbourne, Australia)

2019 - A Bridge to Japanese Art (London, UK)

-Art Japan 2019 (Melbourne, Australia)

2023 - Affordable Art Fair

                                       (Melbourne, Australia)

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